1. Is this a diet program? What are the common points and differences?

The focus of therapy is not a diet program as we know but is far from the mentality of a diet as much as possible. However, the choice of food is extremely important. Not what you eat, but where it comes from and how it is prepared is more prioritized. It pays attention to the balance of your physical system functions. Food is the main focus, but it can also include supplements and it will definitely include guidance about your lifestyle. The arrangement of our food is based on functional nutrition principles and aims to optimize our systems while reducing our symptom burden.

It focuses more on the toxin load management and balancing body systems rather than calorie management.

2. Does it replace my doctor?
No. If you have a diagnosed disease and a treatment protocol to follow, your doctor should always be included in this process. This program does not replace your doctor. It does not aim to treat a disease. This is out of the scope of the nutritional therapists’ area. It is ideally recommended to maintain a process together with a doctor adopting a functional approach.
3. Will you evaluate the results of my blood tests?
If you already have blood test results, you can bring them with you to our first meeting. We can provide you with extra information, but we will work mainly on your daily symptoms and problems. Our goal is to work on problems that don’t necessarily yet reflect on your clinical labs, and work to build a holistic approach and prevent any future disease or malfunction. However, we can ask for some functional tests on a case by case basis.
4. Do you ask for extra tests?
As mentioned above, we can ask for some functional tests on a case by case basis. These are gastrointestinal tests and food sensitivity tests that work through new-generation DNA with the aim of shedding light on the underlying roots of your symptoms.
5. Will you ask me to eliminate a certain food?
This will a be a unique process for you, based on bio-individuality. If we detect a food that you react to during your analysis, and on your functional tests in particular, we try to remove this food from your diet for a while. This is an extremely personal journey and we need to work on your perspective and habits, your mindset around elimination, which is a major part of the support I provide during this process.
6. Do I have to buy your consulting offerings as a package? What is the advantage?

The short answer to this is yes.  It gives us both a direction to commit to, and is more sustainable that way.  If you are not sure about what to expect and what you would get out of such a commitment, I offer free calls you can schedule to ask your questions before you commit to packages.  

This being said, I do offer the first 2 sessions as a mini package, from which you can upgrade later, and I strongly recommend you purchase the 3 month package as it gives us both time to get to know each other better so we can shift our gears optimally that is suited best for you, for optimal outcome.

If finances are an issue, please reach out.

7. What should I expect from Nutritional Therapy?

• Before our first meeting, you will be required to fill a questionnaire of approx. 300 questions about your health symptoms which will take around 40 minutes. Please take due care to fill this thorough, mindfully and at one sitting.

• When you come for your first meeting, there will be a 90 minute analysis assessment. The assessment will include your background, problems, and expectations.

• You will be given a food and mood journal that you will be required to keep for at least 3 days following the first meeting and we will have  a 1-hour follow-up interview after this.

• You will be provided with CLEAR AND PRACTICAL suggestions CURATED for you including comments on the underlying causes of your symptoms, suggestions on nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

• The course of therapy will be evaluated on around the 6th week and necessary arrangements and updates will be made. 

• After 3 months, we will repeat your analysis and plan for the end of the program. At this point, we will be go in the kitchen with someone you choose and prepare food to celebrate and share. (in person clients)

• Eight check-in calls held each week during this process are included in the package you purchase.

8. I live outside the city/country. Can I still receive consultancy from you?
Of course. We can arrange all evaluations and interviews via ZOOM.
9. Should I take nutritional supplements?
Our approach is focused primarily on food. However, although it changes individually, we can use some nutritional supplements to support your functional systems.
10. I want to teach my family to eat the right food. Do you have a program for this?
Currently, I do not have a family therapy program and it is a bit difficult to create one in a system working on bio-individuality. However, it is possible to create a program based on the emotional legacy and the genetic predispositions as well as common eating habits of families. For now, you can learn the basic constituents by attending group trainings and start to practice these with your family.
11. Do you work directly with children?

Although it will vary by age, I try to reach as many kids as possible, as they are a generation with the highest toxin load.  Working with kids also requires working with the primary care provider, so a more holistic approach can be taken and change is sustainable. It is particularly important that both the child and the caretaker have a sincere commitment to change.

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