Turkish Poached Eggs, "Grandma Style"

1 egg

3 heaping tbsp yoghurt (thick)

1 tbsp vinegar

1 minced garlic

Salt & Pepper

On top;

1 tbsp butter (you may substitute with olive oil)

1 tsp crushed chili pepper

Finely chopped parsley


Boil the water you have put in a deep small pan while you whisk the yoghurt on the side, with the salt and the garlic.

When your water boils, add in the vinegar and with the help of a spoon, create a spiral in the middle of the boiling water.

Gently drop your cracked egg into the whirl of the water.  By doing this way, you ensure the yolk being nicely covered with the white as it is poached.

Poach 3-6 mins based on your liking.

Remove from the stovetop.


Plate the yoghurt that you have whisked.

Place on top the egg that you removed with a strainer.

Top with the butter that you have gently burned with the chili peppers.

Decorate with the chopped parsley and serve.

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