"Good" Chocolate

4 tbsp cocoa butter

1 heaping tbsp coconut sugar

75 gr raw cacao 

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


A glass bowl

Medium sized pan

Wooden spoon

Coffee grinder 

Silicone chocolate molds (you may use a flat surface instead and break up for service)


Grind the coconut sugar finely in a coffee grinder.

Combine the cacao, cocoa butter and coconut sugar in a glass bowl over heat (bain marie). When melted, add in the vanilla extract. Fold.

You may remove from heat and pour into the mold. 

Put in the fridge for about 30 mins or until hardened.

Note: You may add in nuts and dried fruits to your liking.


Break up and enjoy the chocolate you removed from the fridge and the mold.

Note: Chocolate prepared this way with real ingredients is a powerful mineral source.  Try this especially if your symptoms reveal magnesium deficiency.

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