Alchemy of Eating with Hands

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

A miracle of digestion: eating with hands. I have recently come across with this important issue about nutrition in a book and I started to think and write about it. Some of you might have heard about this on my personal @Instagram account. Eating with hands has essentially a therapy-like effect. If we think that digestion starts in the brain, when each of our fingers touches our food, it constitutes a system that stimulates our body in many areas ranging from the safety of our food to its touch and pleasure.


This practice has its place in Ayurveda teachings, as well and assumes that each of our fingers constitutes one of 5 elements. When the body consumes some nutrient, it can exploit the core wisdom contained within it.


Would you like to invite yourself to practice and notice how you feel the next time you are available?


Note: A scientific information for those who think this practice is not hygienic: If our gastric acid has the necessary pH level, it is capable of neutralizing all the parasites, pathogens, viruses etc. that enters the body. We can do the math quickly when we think that sensory eating provides a major support in the release of enzymes necessary for digestion before food enters our body...

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