Parasympathetic Eating in All Kinds of Environments

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

What does cross your mind when you hear about office meal? A meal that you have or skip altogether while you sit in front of your computer or during a meeting or sharing business details with your clients on the phone during daytime?


It does not have to be like this. Moreover, it is significant in many aspects that it is not like this. Maybe you can put the soup you brought from home or ordered from a restaurant in a nice bowl that you keep in your office instead of eating from a plastic box. Do you know that this two-minute preparation will send pre-digestion enzymes from your brain to your digestion system and thus your system will get tired much less and you will benefit from the food you consume to a maximum extent?


Can you focus yourself on your food only and the appetite you have for it without looking at your computer or your phone while you eat, even for 10 minutes? It may be hard at work but maybe you can try it on a relatively calm day.


Researches demonstrate that each nutrient consumed with mindfulness benefit our bodies much more.

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