The Path to Wellness is Through Sleep.

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

Wellness is not a single-factor equation. And nutrition is not only about the input and output of food.


Researchers demonstrate that even if we eat the healthiest food in the most clean and calculated way, it is a huge mistake to expect this to be useful by itself if the other factors of wellness are not in balance. Moreover, living chronically in pursuit of this perfection can lead to big damages in our nervous system and body.


The constituents of wellness are several and we work deeply on basics during nutritional therapy to support these; however, the topic of this article is different: It is SLEEP.


In which mode should our autonomous nervous system be for a good and qualified sleep? Which attitudes of us that we exhibit during daytime cause us to look at the ceiling at night, sleep on and off, get out of bed hardly in the morning? Similarly, what kind of a whirlpool are we sucked into when we do not get enough sleep? Is it possible to break and shape these horns of a dilemma? And how?


By not running away from feeling that we experience during daytime to get a good sleep at night. By looking at what this feeling is and where it comes from first. What do we mean by running away? It is the urge to almost “flee away” from our existence by spending time on Instagram, having a fake busyness, attending meeting after meeting, watching TV for hours (during corona days) or eating one dish after another or bars of chocolate.


Stop. Stop here for a moment.


Pay attention to that feeling which you suppress without noticing it, that feeling of unworthiness because your spouse doesn’t see you, the cry of your inner child triggered by the home-school order that suddenly came up these days, the narration of what’s going on in the world reminiscent of disasters only, the sadness of your body that is never accepted by you while looking at the mirror. In that house, where you cannot find a place to hide, do not bury yourself in the fantasy world of Instagram, the doomster TV screen, or the big jar of Nutella.


Stop. Look. Notice. Feed.


Stop. Cry. Embrace. Kick. Whatever feeling you are about to be drawn to, stay inside it and see how long it will last and listen to what it says. Be curious.


Watch how time stops. Don’t focus on your existence trapped in despair but focus on the area that you can stretch within four walls and inside your skin as well as the journey of the breath filling up your body.


Now stand up.


Wash your face (do not forget your hands). Take a shower. Dance. Feel your body. Smell the water, the soap. Wink at the softness brought by the fact that you have heard yourself.


Now notice if you can bring your busyness to the point where your system can tolerate. Or are you saying hi to the Nutella that you thought you could never live without?


And pay attention to how you SLEEP tonight. Just like the babies sleeping comfortably after being heard when they cry during the day, the body loosens when it is heard... The autonomous nervous system finds its balance and reverses the wheel.


Have a look at it. Analyze it.

Today is a new day.

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