The Secret Language of the Sheath Called Body

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

What you see outside is not a “sheath” composed of your body, face, or genes only. And it is definitely not steady. All the more amazing, it is not aging. Could I get your attention now?


Your lifestyle, every kind of “nutrient” you take into your body (not necessarily food), the frequency you carry your thoughts and body recreate this sheath for you each and every day.


During the course of my nutritional training, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I told you that all this information summed up everything for me besides the main training.


For instance, if you have heavy metal load, you are probably to get wrinkles on your forehead. These continue to manifest themselves by getting deeper following years of accumulation (see aging). The wrinkle of anger in the middle of your eyebrows is the most prominent sign of how much your liver is pushed. The wrinkles going down the corners of your eyes result from a kind of deficiency of calcium, which is necessary in the clearance of heavy metal...


People with significant asymmetries between the right and left side of their faces can experience important reduction in this asymmetry when they go through heavy metal chelation protocols.


When we look right into our eyes, the circle slightly watering around the iris indicate problems with digestion. Yellow marks indicate accumulation of sulfur. Have you ever seen someone whose eye color changed? I have read about several cases. There have been cases in which green/brown eyes turned blue when the sulfur mechanism is fixed.


Eyes with red vessels in general can shine whiter than white when the liver detox is supported. Similarly, problems like varices, spider veins, hemorrhoids can disappear like magic when the pressure on the portal vein of the liver is relieved (see coffee enema).


Of course, we do not generalize anything but always make individual assessments... Nothing is separate or independent from each other.


Everything is not about food, but the right food constitutes a big part of the formula. Can we say that there is big hope and possibility to reconstruct ourselves every day when we take environmental factors, and what is imposed unavoidably into other bodies through thoughts into consideration?


How many people are there who feel their bodies “get younger” instead of older during a nutritional therapy?

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