“This is the age of inflammation.”

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

Essentially, a systematic and chronic inflammation lies behind many chronic diseases we see today.

Based on the statistics:

. 60% of Americans have a chronic disease.

. 40% of them have more than one diagnosed disease.

. 50 million Americans have an auto-immune disorder and almost half of the society are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

. One person has a heart attack every 40 seconds in the world.

. Cancer is the second reason of death around the world.

. One of every 5 American children (aged between 3-17) has a diagnosed mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.

. One of every 59 children is within the autism spectrum. And the list goes on.

Our lives, without even noticing the poor quality of it, passes in front of our eyes through the window of a chronic disease with the interpretation of our misty minds.


Yes, we consume too much processed food and live in an overly toxic world. In this age, more than 200 toxic agents are found in the cord blood of newborns.


We are already disadvantaged when we are born.


This is the first era when the lifetime of our children is predicted to be shorter than our generation.


We continuously try to adapt ourselves to an environment which is totally different than our essence, our reality, our DNA, our core, and we cannot imagine the damage created by this destruction in our system.


Flowers cannot blossom in the desert.


We need mountains, sea, forests generously sharing their own microbiota, trees expressing their wisdom and food prepared with respect to the cycle of nature. We need to see the sun, feel the soil, and smell the forest.


The formula of life is essentially quite simple, but our eyes are so bleary that we have difficulty in seeing it.


Our bodies contain a wisdom and intelligence beyond our imagination. We can get ourselves out of this loop by leaving aside the fake stuff and stereotypical methods that disregard the personal autonomy and by listening to our essence, the nature, real food, and the things that our body whispers will be good for us.


We can set our tables with food that is prepared with love as well as with food and people that raise up our vibration and we can touch the beauty in our core.


We can fix our own compass by working towards our core and essence through meditation and orientation, thus tracing the power of life in this era of inflammation.

Because the reason for disease is not only convenience food. We are detached from nature.

We have been exposed to chemicals.

We are trapped in offices with artificial lights.

We lost track of the wisdom of the wise men in our societies.

We started to prepare food in factories rather than in our kitchens.

We started to hope for cures from fast and standard medicines as we got sicker. We could not imagine that this is the call of our bodies.


We forgot to be ourselves, to feel beautiful and at home in our bodies, that we are special and the harmony of the nervous system in its own circle.


Would you like to lend a hand and remind each other of all these? Would you like to break the lock of this inflammation era?

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