“We can’t go back to normal because the old normal was the problem itself.”

ASLI TÜR / 24 June 2020

I have been hearing and reading these kinds of phrases for days now and I am just drawn to it.


This is a fact that I know in my heart.


Where was the beginning of this current order that we suddenly found ourselves in, and how can we assume that it has an end?


I can say that there are two mainstream approaches that I follow within the context of Covid-19. The first and the most dominant one is the “germ theory” and “contagion” discourse about this virus being a germ, which jumped on people and spread quickly through each other. Of course, there is some truth to this narrative. Especially at the point of turning into a disease and the slow course of it.


The second and more controversial discourse is that this germ, which is assumed to appear suddenly on earth, became a threat with the environmental factors leading to major changes in the electronic balance of the world (such as 5G) and the unsettling of the degenerated and transformed infrastructure [due to the nature-abusing approaches] of the ecosystem that allows human life. The narrative tells us that the viruses which exist in natural environments are exposed to mutation or degeneration in lab settings and reach an extent that is unmanageable by human body (due to the toxin load already carried by it) as a result.


On one hand, there is the panic of immunity system, ACE2 receptors, cytokine storms, vitamins to take/to avoid in an environment that gives off minerals, an approach possessing our bodies gradually through fear...


And on the other hand, there are base stations increasing in number, new technologies emitting radiation in the scale of microwaves, addictive electronic devices, artificial intelligence theories involving the possibility of the humankind becoming the slave of it in a matter of time...


The common ground in our current situation is huge. The formula is crystal clear. Firstly, to keep our immunity system in balance. Secondly, to reduce our toxin load.


The time to wait for external help is over. Now we know that we cannot pursue a pill that will heal us in one day, don’t we? One should get the inside track. Every day, old normals should be replaced with the new ones step by step. Food of right choice, healthy digestion, effective absorption, and a body whose brilliance we can rely on for a balanced immunity... Now, we must consume food that fits our nature and repair our damaged body systems.


We must breathe air in nature, "inhale” our microbiota, deal with gardening even if it is in our balcony, touch and feel the soil, the food, thus balance our nervous system, reduce blue lights, hug each other and laugh loudly for a balanced toxin load.

Old normals should be replaced with new ones... The mourning hidden in this discourse should be heard... The humankind should raise on its feet with the compassion and insight of this stance and create the normals one by one from scratch.


“We can’t go back to normal because the old normal was the problem itself.”

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