What do we know about circadian rhythm?

ASLI TÜR / 11 September 2020

Simply, our body has a rhythm fully compatible with nature in its essence covering 24 hours a day. This exists in all beings in nature. Can you visualize sunflowers? Did your ears hear the serenade they make to sun every morning?


The body that wakes up with the sun spends its most active hours in its existence. Brain works, stomach gets hungry, our minds function more clearly during meetings and lessons. The existence, heat and intensity of the sun is directly proportional to our moods, as well. The more light we have, the happier we are...


Well, who can practice this to the end? If we fall asleep under the artificial light of the screen at night, which part of this rhythm is pushed? The body, which wakes up to adapt itself every day with the help of its divine intelligence and sun, staggers; it gets hungry at a time it is signaled to sleep, it can’t get out of bed in the morning, it has difficulty in digesting after sleeping in the middle of the day...


What can we do about this? How about trying to understand our rhythm and being mindful about it for a few days?


Would you like to join me and greet the sun briefly in the morning, consume food in direct proportion with the existence of the light during the day, withdraw to digestion and resting when it gets dark, say goodbye to screens at night or at least get a pair of blue light blocking screen glasses and thus first notice and then return our rhythm to its essence?

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